Eid ul Adhr – 11 August, 2019

Please join us for:
Prayer in The Park – Eid Salah
2019 Eid – ul – Adha Salah at Merchant Taylors school
Salah starts at 9.45am
11th August 2019

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  1. Ahmed

    Bit disappointed with the timing of the salah where 9.45 became 10.25. I understand that there were problems with traffic but the elderly were struggling to be seated for a long period and had problems with keeping their wudhu and parents with young children were
    struggling to keep their children quiet and entertained. The obvious solution was to have kept to the appointed time and organised an extra jamaat for the latecomers. Time keeping is of the utmost importance from every aspect, it has nothing to with which ethnic grouping you come from.

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